Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Cheese is Online!

Ricotta_2_LCJust a click away on, a very special delicacy: Ricotta cheese made from sheep and cows milk.

The small cheese factory of Natale Palazzolo (San Cipirello, near Palermo) produces ricotta cheese on a daily basis using the milk from their sheep and cows.

It is a product literally unobtainable through the conventional sales channel: A genuine and delicious cheese just as good as a small artisanal business can make it.

Ricotta Cheese is made according to the traditional ancient method: Milk drawn by hand and worked right after, without maturing inside the refrigerator.

It will be prepared the days after the online order, and then immediately sent with UPS (Italy and Europe).

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2 Responses to Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Cheese is Online!

  1. Gene71 says:

    Really tasty stuff, gotta try it.

  2. Braam says:

    We have good cheeses here in NL, but it was nice to try something new. Compliments, creamy gentle taste, 100 % natural.

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