Online the sicilian handmade cheeses!

Caciocavallo_box_LCFor many years, during the long days spent in the countryside or down in the wine cellar, it has always been a joy and a praxis for me to stay at the “Masseria dello Jato” in San Cipirello, province of Palermo, to have a wonderful bellyful of cheeses produced directly at the place.

Authentic handmade delicacies, fresh cheeses made the same day of the order, spiced with hot pepper, olives, walnuts or pistachios. Lemon “Caciotte” and mature cheeses such as pecorino or caciocavallo, delicacies that sometimes jeopardize your figure but in front of which no one can resist!

I always thought how it should be good to bring these flavors out of Sicily and also out of Italy. Today through online selling the dream becomes truth and by carrier the Masseria of Jatò cheeses are posted bringing the best flavors of sicilian tradition all around the world.

I have always thought about how it would be wonderful to bring these marvelous tastes outside Sicily and also outside Italy. Nowadays, with the possibility of online shopping, this dream becomes true thanks to the courier through which the cheeses of the “Masseria dello Jatò” arrive on destination, taking all around the world the best tastes of Sicilian tradition.

I should confess that following the UPS expedition step by step, to Milan, Bari, Verona, London…is really exciting! This would never have been possible with the traditional distribution channels, which are not able to deliver the cheeses from “Masseria dello Jatò” in a short period of time.

Now, they’re just a click away on, they will be prepared after the online order. Fresh cheeses will be ready 3 days after the online order, while mature cheeses will be sent to destination immediately the day after. They will be vacuumed packed, and then sent inside a really useful polystyrene packaging or inside an elegant wooden box together with the oregano, honey and handmade pasta.

What do you think? Give us your advice or tell us about your experience.

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One Response to Online the sicilian handmade cheeses!

  1. Adrian says:

    Unique cheeses with a special taste, a really strong one. I think I will transfer to Sicily!! =)

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